Our team at ZEN Yachting are aware of the many things to organise when purchasing a yacht, but one of the most important things is good yacht insurance.

Asttral Insurance has been arranging yacht insurance for over 20 years and are becoming a well respected broker of yacht insurance, no matter the size of your yacht or ship. Asttral is perfectly placed to provide the best support, no matter where you are in the world with your yacht. As a yacht insurance specialist we offer full coverage for your yacht, property and crew and we also cover your legal responsibilities as a boat owner for damage, death and injury.

WeThey offer bespoke solutions to provide a comprehensive cover depending on your personal needs no matter where you may be located.  

Arranging insurance for your yacht or ship doesn’t need to be daunting – the Asttral team are fully trained and specialised in every for of yacht insurance including claims for total loss, personal effects or damage by fire, theft, or if your yacht is damaged with whilst berthed or moored.

For expert consultancy or further information, please contact the General Manager, Vincent Huens de Brouwer.
EML: vhuens@asttral.com
TEL: +33(0)491 994 411
WEB: www.asttral.com